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Part fixture design

Need of a quick turnaround tool for production or prototyping needs?

When in need of a quick turnaround tool for production or prototyping needs, fixtures are often at the top of our list.  We can design and deliver reusable tools made to your engineering specifications.

If machining multiple products with high numbers during manufacturing is required then consider using fixtures as an automated solution when handling large amounts of productions pieces on machines.

Engineering and manufacturing fixtures


Engineering fixtures are a useful part of the manufacturing process. They provide stability for different parts that might otherwise be difficult to manipulate and work with like sheet metal, casting or raw material without some type of support system in place.

CNC machining is one way you can get precision engineering CNC fixtures if they're not already on hand at your facility, but it's also possible to have them made by our team-manufacturing engineers who understand what needs changing about an existing fixture design so as meet specific production requirements.

Engineering And Manufacturing Fixtures

Designing fixtures with CAD Tools 


Modern fixture design is done using  3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools like SolidWorks. The customer's part CAD model is imported into the software along with models of CNC machine work center pallets and work area, allowing for streamlined designing that can hold parts inside their respective machines to be machined without damaging them or interfering in any way with other processes going on around it.

Our CNC fixture engineering process goes beyond designing with CAD tools like Solidworks, ProEngineer, or AutoCAD.

Designing Fixtures With CAD Tools

Rewards of a Design Well Done


Our engineers spend time with the rest building team to review fixture designs. We all get on the same page about how components should be manufactured and assembled.

The design is reviewed by those who will actually manufacture it, so that any potential manufacturing issues can be caught before they arise in production. 

We use 3D printing techniques to create complex shapes when needed! When we need an intricate design or for something that can't be produced traditionally (or cheaply), we turn to this technology so that it's customized just how YOU want it - without sacrificing quality.


Rewards Of A Design Well Done

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