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Machine retrofit engineering solutions

Are you looking to retrofit machines or equipment?

A common area we focus on is machine retrofitting. Our customers have special needs when it comes to their machinery and gear.

Sometimes these pieces of equipment need an upgrade, so we design ways to integrate new systems and capabilities into an existing machine without impeding its primary functions.

What Is Machine Retrofitting?


Machine retrofitting and engineering is the assessment and modification of existing machines instead of purchasing new machines or "greening" an old machine by adding more energy-efficient engineering features to it.

The term "retrofitting" refers to adding new engineering features to an older model machine, since this enables you to make use of your older generation machinery equipment until a more modern model becomes available.

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Why retrofit?


Machines that are in constant use such as in mass production are always either in need of improvement or repair. We are an asset to the Manufacturing Engineer who is always looking to minimize downtime and maximize productivity with their manufacturing equipment.

Things can always be done better, faster, and cost effective if the correct modifications are implemented. Usually, these modifications cannot be bought off the shelf and that’s where we come in.


facts about machine retrofit solutions 


Machine retrofit solutions are machine upgrades that:

  1. Enable continuous improvement

  2. Improve machine efficiency by reducing resources 

  3. Ensure successful upgrades with expertise

  4. Increase machine efficiency

  5. Industry 4.0 is beneficial for machine retrofits

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Types of machine retrofits


  Hand machining equipment to CNC conversions

  Electronic control and sensor integration

  Hardware tooling add-ons

  Machine repurposing

  Structural reinforcement

  Weight reduction

Types Of Machine Retrofits

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