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Marc specializes in blending rigorous technical skills of mechanical engineering with the elegance of creative design to solve challenging problems. His diverse range of experience will help you address any industry-specific challenges that arise from day-to provide a solution tailored just for your company's needs!

Get to know Marc

We interviewed Marc Magarin, Principal Mechanical Engineer, to learn more about his expertise and direction as it relates to Nevatio's mission and objective.  

What's your role? 

As the Principal Mechanical Engineer, Marc's goal centers around designing new machines and devices.

From an engineering standpoint, I operate as a principal mechanical engineer with a focus on the mechanical design of new machines and devices. I work closely with my colleagues and coordinate with clients to deliver the best reliable products possible.

Additionally, as team leader of our company’s marketing initiatives and strategies, Marc ensures Nevatio continues to be at the forefront in developing a great workplace environment while also delivering high-quality service, as an industry leader in engineering. 

What are your credentials & past experience?

I started a design firm in early 2014 called Magarin Product Development which was later rebranded to Magarin Dynamics. I offered 3D designs and prototyping capabilities for clients looking at new products or technology implementation- all while finishing up my undergraduate degree.

Starting my own venture early on allowed me to learn and experience all aspects of starting a successful engineering firm. I learned the tenacity it takes for someone who dreams big, as well as strategies that will help sell your services or product better than anyone else.

Starting an entrepreneurial journey can be daunting but also very rewarding when you're able to take everything from idea validation through launching and growth - doing so taught me more about what makes businesses thrive in this competitive marketplace.

What do you like about working at Nevatio?

At Nevatio, engineers work on some of the most cutting-edge projects and find themselves tackling real world problems. The company’s culture is one that fosters this sense of pushing boundaries while also providing opportunities for employees to stretch their intellectual muscles with unique challenges in an environment where innovation thrives.

We believe that engineers should be compensated how they deserve to be; based on the value they bring and not at fixed-rate salary. Our philosophy is for an engineer's worth, he or she must get paid like it. The Nevatio approach gives you complete control over your own path as we give our clients access through projects of all sizes with diverse skill sets from professionals across different backgrounds – including those looking into starting their career in this dynamic field.

We all have a great time working at Nevatio because the team is made up of people with different skills and ideas. We want our employees to feel confident in themselves, but not so much that they're never open-minded enough for another person's perspective on what could work best.

Business took off with NAsa

Regarding my background, I was born and raised in the California Bay Area. My career trajectory was very unorthodox in that I started a business (Magarin Dynamics) selling 3D design services (since I was not yet an engineer) to small businesses and private inventors as soon as I finished high school.

I continued to grow my engineering knowledge and business while going back on undergraduate studies. I had been able to acquire a few clients through the years, but there was an opportunity that really took off for me when NASA needed help designing tools in microgravity environments and challenged universities to provide solutions. Our team was the only one to design a tool that successfully solved NASA’s problem. With this win under my belt, business started coming in more and more.

What Values Drive You?

Tenacity can be summed up in the old Latin proverb: “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”- ( “I will find a way or make one” ). 

I believe tenacity to be a defining trait of any successful organization. Engineering at its core, no matter the specialty or discipline, is about solving problems and overcoming difficult obstacles. The same can be said for business. As long as an organization has this core value, nothing will stand in its way. As an engineer and business leader, I aim to be tenacious in everything that I do for my organization and for my clients.

Providing Solutions to Client's Challenges

With the help of our team, you can have a more efficient and cost-effective business. We know that when companies encounter problems with equipment or new initiatives for expansion comes up, they may not have enough resources to address them effectively, so we work closely together as partners on these projects from start until finish!

Nevatio is the team to call when you need a professional response in solving your technical design and engineering needs. We can handle new automated machines or repairing older pieces of equipment, no matter how big or small it is!

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About Nevatio Engineering

Nevatio Engineering is an agile design and engineering consulting team capable of on-demand mechanical and electrical engineering, functional prototyping, engineering documentation, and machine retrofits. We are experts in machine design, special devices, industrial products, jigs and fixtures, plus automation and controls.  Our added knowledge in industry design standards such as ASME, ANSI, ISO, NFPA, NEC and BS allows us to quickly integrate our services with your existing standard design processes, keeping your resources free from unnecessary rework.

We specialize in helping industry leaders solve difficult engineering and design problems. Our mission is to empower our clients with the tools and skills necessary to create solutions to their technical problems. With our expertise, clients can address any technical design problems that stand in their way.

We believe in being consistent with our deliveries. This means that we are always on time and able to work for your business needs, no matter what they may be.

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